ayuko exhibition 2012

Thu, April 26, 2012 22:00


いよいよ明日からayuko exhibition 始まります。店内にはayuko のアクセサリーに合う眼鏡を展示しています。とっても可愛いですよ!是非ご来店ください!詳しくはこちら

→ オープニングパーティー!!
4/27fri 19:00 – 22:00 入場無料/終日作家在店
PRE SHOW Francis Klein new collection2012 S/S

It will be just a day away, ayuko exhibition 2012! In the shop, there are many kind of ayuko’s accessories. And we show spectacles good combination with them. It’s so really cute! Please come and enjoy with us!

→ opening party!!
4/27fri 19:00 – 22:00 charge free/ artist in shop whole day
PRE SHOW Francis Klein new collection2012 S/S

Mr.Marian from Francis Klein. You could see whole new collection of them at the party! more information here