kira misaの眼鏡顔展はじまりました

Fri, October 21, 2011 21:45


本日よりきらみさの眼鏡顔展、はじまってます。平日の雨の中、たくさんの方が見に来て下さいました。まだ10代の彼女たち、眼鏡が似合う、を楽しんでくれた様子。顔に掛けさせたり、自分で掛けてみたり。7体の顔と顔たちの為にセレクトした眼鏡が並んだ店内、いつもとは全く違う空間になっています。私たちの「眼鏡が似合う」感覚を楽しみながら体験して頂けたらと思っています。眼鏡で顔が変わっていく、年齢や性格、性別までも違って見えてくるものもあったりして不思議です。作家最新の力作たちは見ているとだんだん愛着が湧いてくるようで、顔と語らい始める方もいたり。彼らの人柄を想像しながら見て頂くのも面白いですよ。今週末、作家在店です。〜10/31(月)まで開催。ぜひお出かけ下さい。more information

kira misa exhibition started today. Despite the rain, many peoples were coming and enjoying this exhibition. They are teenage girls, very cute. They were really enjoyed that many kinds of glasses suit someone. They put a pair of glasses on the face or themselves. We show 7 faces and many spectacles and sunglasses for them. In the shop moods was shift. We hope that you can feel the our feelings of matching a pair of glasses on someone’s face. A pair of spectacles can change someone’s face, age and personality or sex, so amazing! They are all new works of her. We can feel like a friendly feeling, one customer started talking to them. Please see and enjoy this exhibition with thinking of their personality. On this weekend, kira misa in shop. You can see her! Until the end of this month.  more information