2 p.m.

Tue, September 06, 2011 21:34


今週はまた夏に戻ったように暑くなりましたが、空は高く風が涼やかでやはりもう秋。向かいのビルに陽が入る午後2時まで、店内には眩しい日差しが入ってきます。空気が澄んで陽が傾くこの季節、晴れると真夏より眩しく感じませんか? まだまだサングラスが手放せません。寒暖の差が大きいですね、どうぞご自愛下さい。

Hot days is came back. But sky is higher than summer and wind is cool, autumn is here. Sunshine hour become shorter than before. Until 2 p.m. before sun hide in opposite building, many sunlight come in our shop. This season that air is clear and sunlight is sloping, we might feel too bright the sunlight. We need a pair of sunglasses to go out. Please take care of your health and enjoy this season.