kira misaの眼鏡顔展

10.21FRI-10.31MON at 4-AD

Sat, September 03, 2011 21:13


Kira misa の眼鏡顔 展 10.21FRI- 10.31MON at 4-AD

期間中 定休日なし 最終日は18:00まで
作家在店 21,22,23,27,29,30,31

人顔のぬいぐるみを作り続けている作家きらみさが、眼鏡が似合う実物大の顔ぐるみを制作しました。作品に似合う眼鏡をセレクトし、眼鏡で顔が変わる面白さや眼鏡が引き出すさまざまな表情をご覧いただきます。妙に親近感の湧く顔ぐるみ、あなたにそっくりの作品もあるかも知れませんよ!小顔ブローチなどアクセサリーも展示販売致します。是非お出かけ下さい。kira msa website


kira misa Exhibition at 4-AD 10.21FRI- 10.31MON

Every day open during this exhibition. Final day will close at 18:00.
She stay in shop at 21st,22nd,23rd,27th,29th,30th,31st in October
Sorry! We cannot do eye check and fitting at 27th October.

Artist Kira Misa is making stuffed human face by cloth. In this exhibition, she makes real size face that suit many kind of spectacles. We choose some pair of glasses for them and show you their face. It is very interesting that change their face with a pair of glasses. Very suit glasses for them, it can make nice mood and facial expression. I’m sure you will have a friendly feeling for them. You might see a fece like you. We sell her small face broach in same exhibition. Please come and enjoy!
We join Fukuoka Art Walk. kira msa website