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organ 福岡市南区大橋1-14-5 TAKE1ビル4F

Fri, June 17, 2011 21:33


盛永省治「木の器」展 南区大橋のorganにて開催中です。日常使いの木の器、造形と木の表情が面白く、それでいてとても使い勝手の良さそうな形。手に持った時、ずしっときたり、思いのほか軽かったり。ひとつずつじっくりと、自分に合う物を選ぶのも楽しいですね。私はブビンガというアフリカの木で作られた大きめの平皿を自宅用に。頂いたビワを乗せてみました。今年初めてのビワ、木の器の上でとても気持ちが良さそうです。6/19(日)まで 詳しくはこちら

Shoji Morinaga [wood serving dish] Exhibition at Organ in Ohashi, now opening. There are many kinds of daily use dish and bowl of wood. They have several face and shape, so beautiful. When I took it, there are a little bit heavy one or a very light one. It’s nice that looking deeply at fit oneself one. I choose a plate of Bubinga from Africa. My first Japanese medlar in this year. I think they feel comfortable on it. Until 19th this Sunday. more information