339 OPEN!

Mon, January 28, 2013 21:32


339[スリースリーナイン] がオープンしました。元はガバガバヘイという25年も続いた美容室だったこちら、元ガバガバヘイのスタッフで、ロンドンで約6年間修行してきたご夫婦が始めた新しい美容室。気持ちの良い空間、かっこいい人たち。これから面白いことになりそうです。

339 hair&make  http://339japan.com/
tel. 092-781-0664

Hair salon 339 was opened! Before this salon was Gabba Gabba Hey, that had been continued 25 years in Fukuoka. From this month it was changed the owner. They were the staffs of Gabba Gabba Hey. They had worked in London about 6 years. Last year back to Fukuoka, and starting new hair salon. Nice interior and space, very nice persons. Then many good things will be born from here.