Thu, January 10, 2013 21:00


飴のメガネや映像作品など香本さんの作品はモノ作りに留まらず、コミュニケーションを生み出し楽しむためのアートだそう。型にはまらない発想は道路や建物、道行くバスやトラックをスクリーンにしてみたり。彼の周りには いつの間にか人が集まり思い思いにアイデアを試し、気づけば皆が楽しんでいる。驚きと好奇心に満ちた彼の作品には、楽しく生きるヒントが隠されているような気がします。面白がること、平凡な日常に隠されたたくさんの面白さに気がつくことができたら、毎日がもっと楽しいものに変わるかもしれません。彼が生み出したメガネのオブジェが メガネとそのデザインの可能性、異なった見方に気づくきっかけになればと思います。展示は1/15(火)まで休まず営業しております!是非お出かけください!

Candy spectacles and his performance video. He is not only making the object but also making some communications by art. His idea is really freedom. He can change every thing to his art works. Because he changes the road surface, a bus and a truck, a wall of building to his big screen. Many people come around him and put their ideas out and try each other, and enjoying. His works has big wonderment and curiosity. I think it has many hints of delight of life. Find amusement in daily life, it the best way to spend a happy day.  For example, you see some new and amazing shapes of spectacles, after that you might can feel a different something to optical designs. We will open until 15th Tuesday without holidays. Come and find your new point of view!