MICHEL HENAU in Silmo2012

Sun, October 28, 2012 21:13


今回のシルモで一番ワクワクしたのがミシェル・エノーの新作!とにかく良い。デザイン、スタイル、新しさの詰まったコレクション とっても入荷が待ち遠しい。シルモの後に訪ねた彼らのオフィスとショップ、後日UPしますのでこちらもお楽しみに!

My most favorite collection in this Silmo is MICHEL HENAU. So nice! High design, originality, style, many new thing in this collection. I really looking forward to arriving them. After Silmo Expo, we had visited their office and shop in Kortrijk, Belgium. I will post it soon!