Sat, December 22, 2012 21:56


アムステルダムは運河が巡る街 自転車と小船が連なる川沿い レジャーを楽しむ年配の観光客もちらほらと。傾いた細長い建物やでかすぎるチーズ、190cmを超える人々と見るものすべてが新鮮で、遠い国に来たもんだと思ったりして。写真の男性は香本さん、アムステルダムでアートの勉強をしています。来月はMASAKI KOMOTO EXHIBITION2013 「SKETCH」香本さんもやってきます!7日のオープニングパーティーに是非お集まりください!

Amsterdam is a canal city. Bikes and small ships make line along a river. Many tourists enjoyed their holidays. Narrow front and slender buildings was at a tilt! Too big cheese, over 190cm peoples, many things were newness for me. Here is too far from Japan, I thought. The man is Mr.Komoto. He is living in Amsterdam and studying the art. On January, we have an exhibition「SKETCH」. And he will come the opening party on 7th monday! Please come and enjoy with us! It’s a new years exhibition!