Mon, May 06, 2013 16:36


Today is the final day of GW. How was your holidays? I think now is the best season. Because not too hot and not humid, cool breeze though. Bright nice sun comes then plants growing quickly. And now is till far in the end of the year. If you look for sunglasses, please find it before rainy season. From 11th May friday, you could see many kind of sunglasses in shop. Enjoy good season.

GWいかがお過ごしでしたか?暑すぎずジメジメせず風は爽やか、眩しい太陽で植物もぐんぐん育つ。そしてまだ年末も遠い。 今が一年で一番よい季節、楽しみたいものです。サングラスをお探しの方、ぜひ梅雨入り前に見つけてくださいね。5/11(土) より店頭にサングラスが充実します。ぜひお出かけください。